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Mechanical occlusion of left ICA with Penumbra POD system

Giant aneurysm on the left internal carotid artery.  Exclusion of the aneurysm was attempted with a flow diverter device, later it was successfully excluded with Penumbra POD system, which is designed to simplify vessel sacrifice. The coils were delivered through PXSlim microcatheter, which provided the appropriate lumen for the large volume coils (.020”). Great case…

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Successful case with Penumbra SMART coils

Successful embolization of an unruptured aneurysm on left MCA treated with Penumbra SMART coils (soft, extra soft and wave) by Prof. Dr. István Szikora, Head, Department of Neurointervention, National Institute of Neurosciences (NIN). What an excellent result! Congratulations! #MCA #medicaldevice #Penumbra #SMARTcoils #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #DHSHungary #healthcare #innovation

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Penumbra coils in pécs

Penumbra, Inc. large volume #coil system delivered through #Lantern high-flow #microcatheter worked perfectly in #iliac anatomy. All #Penumbra #peripheral #embolization coils like #POD, #PackingCoil and #Ruby can be delivered through Lantern. Kudos to Dr. Csaba Nagy and Dr. Arnold Tóth for the successful procedure and our local Penumbra partner, Sándor Szilágyi for on-site support!

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