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Pre-TAVI Shockwave procedures

Pre-TAVI Shockwave is getting implemented at more and more centers in Hungary. Transfemoral access has the lowest morbidity and mortality rates, reduces hospitalization time during TAVI procedure. Pre-TAVI IVL is clinically proven, safe and effective way to facilitate TF access. Photos about pre-TAVI Shockwave procedures at University of Szeged and University of Pécs. Congratulations for…

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Pre-TAVI Shockwave therapy in Pécs

Successful pre-TAVI IVL procedure at University of Pécs. Shockwave therapy was used prior TAVI implantation due to heavily calcified and narrow femoral access. Congratulations for the innovative attitude Prof. Dr. Iván HORVÁTH, Dr. Balázs MAGYARI and Dr. Bálint KITTKA! Transfemoral access has the lowest morbidity and mortality rates, and reduces hospitalization time during TAVI procedure.…

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Pre-TAVI Shockwave implemented in Pécs

Transfemoral access has the lowest morbidity and mortality rates, and reduces hospitalization time during TAVI procedure. IVL technology facilitates transfemoral access with high efficacy (average lumen gain 3mm) and with very low complication rates (0% perforation, embolization, thrombus). Avoiding alternative access strategies for TAVI delivery could definitely reduce procedural risk for the patients according to…

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First ever pre-CERAB Shockwave in Hungary

Dr. Zsolt PALÁSTHY’s team members Dr. Rita VÁRADI and Dr. Tibor TAKÁCS are performing IVL preparation of common iliacs before covered endovascular repair of the aortic bifurcation. Significant lumen gain was facilitated on both sides leading to a great end result of the procedure. Great innovation! Kudos to the team! #peripheral #IVL #Shockwave #DHSHungary #DeliveringHealthcareSolutions…

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IVL therapy from transpedal access

Peripheral CTO treated from transpedal access with Shockwave Medical IVL catheter at University of Szeged by Dr. Zoltán RUZSA. In the largest ever randomized clinical trial of severely calcified peripheral legions (DISRUPT PADIII) IVL demonstrated superiority over PTA. The data confirmed consistent safety and effectiveness of IVL. #peripheralIVL #peripheralinterventions #intravascularlithotripsy #DHSHungary #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #Shockwave #m5balloon

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Penumbra coils in pécs

Penumbra, Inc. large volume #coil system delivered through #Lantern high-flow #microcatheter worked perfectly in #iliac anatomy. All #Penumbra #peripheral #embolization coils like #POD, #PackingCoil and #Ruby can be delivered through Lantern. Kudos to Dr. Csaba Nagy and Dr. Arnold Tóth for the successful procedure and our local Penumbra partner, Sándor Szilágyi for on-site support!

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