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Boston Scientific Sentinel case in Szeged

Nice catch! 😊 Photos show debris caught by Sentinel during a valve-in-valve TAVI case at University of Szeged. New data from the PROTECTED TAVR Study showed that Boston Scientific Sentinel reduced the risk of disabling, perioperative stroke by 60% through 72 hours. Protection works! #TAVI #protectedTAVI #strokeprevention #structuralheart #CPS #BostonScientific #Sentinel #DHSHungary #DeliveringHealthcareSolutions

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First Venus P-Valve cases

We proudly announce the first cases with Venus Medtech VenusP-valve in Hungary, at GOKVI! Excellent group of implanters, imaging specialists, anesthesiologists, assistants and other team members gathered up to perform these highly innovative procedures with a gamechanging device. Congratulations to all, highlighting the implanters: Dr. Géza FONTOS, Dr. László KÖRNYEI and Dr. László ABLONCZY! Not…

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Routine Watchman™ FLX cases at Semmelweis University

Watchman™ FLX implantation at Semmelweis University by Prof. Dr. László GELLÉR, Dr. Zoltán SALLÓ and Dr. Anikó NAGY. Watchman FLX has a robust clinical evidence background: The SURPASS analysis of the NCDR-LAAO Registry™ has data of 16.000+ patients to date and confirms the best-in-class safety profile of Watchman FLX. #dailywork #LAAC #Watchman #BostonScientific #medicaldevice…

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WatchmanFLX™ cases with Prof. Dr. László GELLÉR in Szeged

Dr. Zoltán RUZSA and Dr. Zoltán JAMBRIK are performing WatchmanFLX cases in Szeged with the professional support of Prof. Dr. László GELLÉR.  Congratulations for the GREAT WORK! The WatchmanFLX device platform is the most studied LAA occluder in the world with proven great performance and very low complication rates. #LAAC #WatchmanFLX #BostonScientific #medicaldevice #healthcareinnovation #DeliveringHealthcareSolutions…

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