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DHS Hungary’s workshop at Semmelweis International Vascular Symposium

Last week we organized 2 workshops at Semmelweis International Vascular Symposium. Attendees had the opportunity to try state of the art technology with the guidance of highly experienced Hungarian professionals, covering technical and clinical aspects of Catheter-based treatment for acute limb ischemia and Aortoiliac occlusive disease treatment with covered stents. We really appreciated the contribution…

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Lombard Altura in Szeged

Lombard Medical Altura is an AAA graft with a unique braided nitinol stent design delivered in an ultra-low profile 14 Fr delivery system. Highly effective in challenging anatomical situations making limb cannulation unnecessary. These 2 cases were performed by Dr. Zsolt PALÁSTHY and Team at University of Szeged. Truly innovative approach, congratulations! #Lombard #Altura #endograft…

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First use of Bentley grafts at Military Hospital Department of Radiology

It’s always a big honor for us to introduce our state-of-the-art Bentley portfolio to new partners. First successful case with BeGrafts at Military Hospital Department of Radiology. Thank you for the confidence in our products Dr. László SZENTPÉTERY and Team! #peripheralinterventions #vascularsurgery #coveredstent #graft #medicaldevice #healthcareinnovation #Bentley #BeGraft #Aortic #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #DHSHungary 

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Bentley BeGraft Aortic case in Szeged

Subtotal occlusion of the abdominal aorta well treated with Bentley BeGraft Aortic balloon expandable covered stent. Result is spectacular, just check the before-after images! Excellent job Dr. Zsolt PALÁSTHY and Team! #peripheralinterventions #vascularsurgery #coveredstent #graft #medicaldevice #healthcareinnovation #Bentley #BeGraft #DeliveringHealthcareSolutions #DHSHungary 

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Recruitment complete! FEVAR study aiming on-label use of Bentley BeGraft as bridging stent

“Bentley has announced that recruitment is now complete in the fenestrated endovascular aortic aneurysm repair (FEVAR) study that uses the company’s BeGraft peripheral balloon-expandable covered stent as a bridging stent in complex aortic aneurysms.” Want to learn more? #peripheralinterventions #vascularsurgery #coveredstent #graft #medicaldevice #healthcareinnovation #Bentley #BeGraft #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #DHSHungary 

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First ever Lombard Medical Altura case in Hungary

At University of Pécs Department of Vascular Surgery a very unique device has been used by Dr. Gábor Kasza and Team: the Lombard Medical Altura endograft system, which features unique bilateral D-stent design and ultra low 14Fr delivery system. This was the very first case in Hungary, with excellent postoperative result. Congratulations! We are very…

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Highlights of DHS Hungary’s activities at MAÉT Congress (Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery)

During MAÉT congress we organized 2 workshops. Attendees had the opportunity to try state of the art technology with the guidance of highly experienced Hungarian professionals.  We really appreciated the contribution of Dr. Balázs NEMES and Dr. László HIDI during these activities! Our symposium featured 2 main topics: Treatment of aorto-iliac occlusive disease with covered…

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Congress of the Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery 2022

Following the restrictions during the Covid times we were very excited to meet our Partners personally at the Congres of the Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery. Our aim was to show the best of us: workshops, symposiums, a great booth, demo equipment and our team with representatives of our suppliers, Marius Lux from…

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