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Boston Scientific Sentinel case in Szeged

Nice catch! ūüėä Photos show debris caught by Sentinel during a valve-in-valve TAVI case at University of Szeged. New data from the PROTECTED TAVR Study showed that Boston Scientific Sentinel reduced the risk of disabling, perioperative stroke by 60% through 72 hours. Protection works! #TAVI #protectedTAVI #strokeprevention #structuralheart #CPS #BostonScientific #Sentinel #DHSHungary #DeliveringHealthcareSolutions

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First cases with Venus P-Valve

Patient with Tetralogy of Fallot (repaired with transannular patch at 1yr) has got a Venus Medtech VenusP valve at Gottsegen Gy√∂rgy National Cardiovascular Center. As one of the first cases in Hungary with VenusP, the #PVR procedure was performed successfully by Dr. G√©za FONTOS, Dr. L√°szl√≥ ABLONCZY and Dr. L√°szl√≥ K√ĖRNYEI. Congratulations for the whole…

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First Venus P-Valve cases

We proudly announce the first cases with Venus Medtech VenusP-valve in Hungary, at GOKVI! Excellent group of implanters, imaging specialists, anesthesiologists, assistants and other team members gathered up to perform these highly innovative procedures with a gamechanging device. Congratulations to all, highlighting the implanters: Dr. G√©za FONTOS, Dr. L√°szl√≥ K√ĖRNYEI and Dr. L√°szl√≥ ABLONCZY! Not…

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Using acurate neo 2 in horizontal aorta

Successful implantation of Boston Scientific Acurate neo2 in anatomy with horizontal aorta performed by Dr. Zolt√°n RUZSA and Team at University of Szeged. According to the multicenter, international registry collecting data of 3862 patients (HORSE), horizontal aorta does not predict device failure of Acurate neo valve unlike the competitor device. #BostonScientific #TAVI #horizontalaorta #structuralheart…

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Asd and pfo closures with platinumcoated cocoon devices

Successful #ASD and #PFO closures were performed with #platinumcoated #Cocoon devices at University of Debrecen, Institute of #Cardiology. Platinum coating provides superior bio-compatibility properties, of which patients with nickel allergy benefit a lot. Great cases, Dr. L√°szl√≥ Balogh, Dr. Csaba Jenei and Team! Special surgical scrub caps were brought by Santa on 6th December ;-) #congenitalheartdisease #nickelallergy #DHSHungary #deliveringhealthcaresolutions#structuralheart#interventionalcardiology#innovationinhealthcare

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