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Watchman™ FLX in use at Semmelweis Heart and Vascular Center

Left atrial appendage closure with Watchman™ FLX device at Semmelweis Heart and Vascular Center. Implanter: Prof.Dr.László GELLÉR, echocardiographer: Dr. Anikó NAGY. Congratulations for the great work! The WatchmanFLX device platform is the most studied #LAA occluder in the world with proven great performance and very low complication rates. Watchman FLX has a robust clinical evidence…

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Boston Scientific Acurate neo2 training event

Dr. Géza FONTOS is explaining the correct positioning of Acurate neo 2 valve during a training event at Gottsegen György National Cardiovascular Center. It was a great opportunity to learn from an experienced implanter for all the attendees. #BostonScientific #TAVI #structuralheart #ťraining #innovation #healthcareinnovation #DHSHungary #deliveringhealthcaresolutions

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Using Acurate neo2 in University of Debrecen

BostonScientific  Acurate neo2 TAVI case at University of Debrecen implanted with commissural alignment technique by Dr. Attila KERTÉSZ and Dr. Bertalan KRACSKÓ. As TAVR expands to lower risk and younger patients with a longer life expectancy the need for future coronary access, low PPI rates and hemodynamical stability becomes increasingly important. There is also evidence…

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Acurate neo2 at Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre

BostonScientific  Acurate neo2 TAVI case performed by Prof. Dr. Béla MERKELY, Dr. Levente MOLNÁR and Team at Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre. Acurate neo2 demonstrates great performance when it comes to coronary access and commissural alignment.  As TAVR expands to lower risk and younger patients with a longer life expectancy the need for future…

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First Acurate neo2 cases at Military Hospital

What a great milestone! First cases with Boston Scientific Acurate neo2 were successfully performed at Military Hospital! Implanters were Dr. Gábor KERECSEN and Dr. Zalán GULYÁS with professional support of Prof. Dr. Béla MERKELY and Dr. Vjekoslav TOMULIC. The whole TAVI Team did an excellent job, kudos to them all! #BostonScientific #iSleeve #TAVI #innovation #healthcareinnovation…

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Center of Excellence – Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center

We are happy and proud to share that we had our first Boston Scientific Center of Excellence event at Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Center on 8th of August with attendance of the Military Hospital’s TAVI team. Key speakers and live case hosts were Prof. Dr. Péter ANDRÉKA, Dr. Géza FONTOS and Dr. Márton VÉRTESALJAI. The interactive…

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Using acurate neo 2 in horizontal aorta

Successful implantation of Boston Scientific Acurate neo2 in anatomy with horizontal aorta performed by Dr. Zoltán RUZSA and Team at University of Szeged. According to the multicenter, international registry collecting data of 3862 patients (HORSE), horizontal aorta does not predict device failure of Acurate neo valve unlike the competitor device. #BostonScientific #TAVI #horizontalaorta #structuralheart…

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