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First mechanical thrombus aspiration in Szeged dept. of Vascular Surgery with Penumbra Indigo System

Congratulations for the first use of the state-of-the-art Penumbra Indigo CAT8 system at University of Szeged, Vascular Surgery Department! Successful SFA graft mechanical thrombus aspiration, fully percutaneous approach, spectacular result! #Penumbra #Indigo #CAT8 #aspiration #peripheralintervention #success #healthcare #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #DHSHungary

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First case with Hercules TAA graft in Debrecen

First ever implantation of Lombard Medical Hercules TAA graft at University of Debrecen in a patient with acute aortic rupture, with fully percutaneous approach. Low profile, dual-sheath technology with hydrophilic coating facilitates straightforward access and precise positioning even in challenging anatomies. Congratulations to Dr. Csaba Zsigmond TÓTH PhD and Team for the great case! #Lombard…

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First Venus P-Valve cases

We proudly announce the first cases with Venus Medtech VenusP-valve in Hungary, at GOKVI! Excellent group of implanters, imaging specialists, anesthesiologists, assistants and other team members gathered up to perform these highly innovative procedures with a gamechanging device. Congratulations to all, highlighting the implanters: Dr. Géza FONTOS, Dr. László KÖRNYEI and Dr. László ABLONCZY! Not…

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First IVL facilitated EVAR procedure in Hungary!

First ever in Hungary, patient with heavily calcified ilio-femoral access has been treated with the new generation Shockwave Medical M5+ IVL catheter followed by low profile Lombard Medical Minos abdominal graft system. Calcified iliacs increase the risk of access related complications during EVAR. IVL safely fractures calcium allowing safe delivery of large devices. Dr. Zsolt…

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First Shockwave case in Uzsoki Hospital

First ever use of coronary Shockwave Medical IVL therapy in such a challenging case at Uzsoki Hospital. The IVL therapy successfully fractured the calcium in the legion which was undilatable with any other technology. Spectacular debut Dr. Balázs SÁRMÁN and Dr. Gábor UZONYI. Congratulations! #firstcase #coronary #IVL #Shockwave #DHSHungary #deliveringhealthcaresolutions #healthcareinnovation

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First ever Lombard Medical Altura case in Hungary

At University of Pécs Department of Vascular Surgery a very unique device has been used by Dr. Gábor Kasza and Team: the Lombard Medical Altura endograft system, which features unique bilateral D-stent design and ultra low 14Fr delivery system. This was the very first case in Hungary, with excellent postoperative result. Congratulations! We are very…

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First EVAR with Minos at University of Szeged

First ever #EVAR case with extra low profile @Lombard #Minos system at @University of Szeged Department of Surgery, Vascular Surgery Unit. Challenging anatomy with narrow access treated with excellent result. Congratulations to @Dr. Palásthy Zsolt Ph.D. and @Dr.Rita Váradi and Team! #vascularsurgery #EVAR #firstcase #medicaldevice #kudos #14fr #Lombard #Minos #DHSHungary #deliveringhealthcaresolutions

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